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Who is MITRAM?

"It is not important to have a long friend list on the phone or social media platforms, But it is important to have at least one friend who listens to you and has time to spend with you"

This is what V-LISTENERS Mitram is. Mitram is a senior volunteer of age 50+ who has the patience to listen and is compassionate. Mitram visits the home of our elderly client age 60+, who loves to make new friends and have a lot of memories and experiences to share. Mitram service is designed to provide a friend to share the aloneness of the elderly by a same-gender volunteer, who would sit & talk, play board games simply listen to what you want to say, or accompany you for a walk around the garden or just a stroll to the nearest market or even doing hobbies together. Mitram would be the perfect company you would love to have apart from your everyday people, family, or neighbors.

Verified Mitram Volunteers:

A Mitram volunteer is selected after a screening process keeping in mind the safety of our clients. Volunteers are verified thoroughly by criminal check and background checks before extending it's services to the clients. All Mitrams also undergo training by experienced professionals. 

Volunteers Safety:

V-LISTENERS runs a safe & hassle-free background check of the clients, before sending the volunteers for the service.

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