“V-Listeners” is a HAPPY platform for seniors where we encourage you to start doing things you enjoy and love and CALL and share your hobbies and thoughts with us and feel happy by being heard as we are here to listen to you.

Click the ‘Registration’ on the top right corner of the page. This will open a page where you will need to fill in your basic details also choose your photo for profile image and select your hobbies and click on the ‘Submit’ button to complete your registration.
Once you complete your registration, kindly download the app from Play store or App store and follow the below steps,
  1. After downloading the app on your phone, click on app icon to open.
  2. Select language of your preference.
  3. Login screen will appear where you have to enter your registered mobile number and press LOGIN.
  4. Verification code will be sent and auto verified for you. Enjoy your journey with V-Listeners.
V-Listeners is available both for Android users (download from Play store) and iPhone users (download from App store).
On V-Listeners,
  1. You can click “CALL NOW” to share your thoughts. We are always here to listen “Thoughts Dil Se”.
  2. Apart from this you can showcase your talent to other members.
  3. Also you can enjoy some Timepass activities specially created for you.
Here you can share anything like a poem written by you, any past memory, a dream, any happy and sad moment or just a gossip or just tell us how are you and how was your day. We are here to listen to you.
V-Listeners is only for people above the age of 55years.
V-Listeners is available in 3 languages i.e. English, Hindi, Marathi.After downloading you can select your preferred language and also you can change language at any time by clicking Change Language option under Profile section on app.
New users Register for Free trial. A detail regarding various packages is available in app under Plans section.
In Timepass activity you can participate and enjoy some fun activities created especially for you.
If you want to show your talent such as shayari, article, poem, drawing or painting to other app users then, on app under “Profile” section click on “Create Article” and take a photo of your talent or select from gallery/photos on your phone and click Submit. Admin will verify and publish it which will be visible under Articles section.