Elderly individuals simply require someone to lend an ear to their thoughts!

V-LISTENERS available in 3 languages English, Hindi, and Marathi is a platform where the elderly residing anywhere in India can speak on the phone with our volunteers. Our volunteers lend a compassionate ear to the elderly who want to talk from their hearts and share memories, life lessons, happy or sad moments, or engage in casual conversation, even reminiscing about their youthful days.

Often, the elderly in our homes want to share something with those around them but find no one to share their thoughts and feelings with. That's where V-LISTENERS comes in – a platform where senior citizens can call and speak with volunteers through their mobile phones.

A few years ago, our elderly were busy working, fulfilling responsibilities, and raising families. Now, it's time for them to relax and enjoy life. The V-LISTENERS app is designed with the elderly (55+) in mind, considering their needs and comfort. Therefore, we also arrange recreational and fun activities for our dear elders, which they can participate in over the phone from the comfort of their homes. Seniors can also capture photos of memorable moments and their artwork and share them with other V-LISTENERS members through the app.

Please note that this platform does not provide counseling, therapy, or medication. We respond solely based on the conversation.

The elderly simply need to download our app, V-LISTENERS Mitram, from the Play Store and register to enjoy this unique app specially designed for them.


Our vision is to build a society where every senior citizen feels valued, connected, and empowered through meaningful interactions, engaging activities, and heartfelt support, delivered conveniently through our innovative app and dedicated volunteer network


Our mission is to enhance the lives of Elderly through meaningful connections, support, and personalized experiences. Through our user-friendly app, seniors can easily access a network of compassionate volunteers for friendly conversations and engaging recreational activities. Additionally, we provide a unique service by matching seniors with volunteers of the same age and gender, fostering understanding and companionship in the comfort of their own homes. We are dedicated to promoting social connection, mental well-being, and a sense of community among seniors, empowering them to live fulfilling lives.

Our unique idea is based on SPEAK

1. S - Someone who waits to hear.

2. P - Pleasant memories, experiences & much more.

3. E - Explore the hidden person within you.

4. A - Avert from boredom & Isolation.

5. K - Kindle new hobbies & interests.       24